Mar 7

Surprising Customer Again Placed New Order of 3 sides toothbrush

After one month, the customer again place an order for triple

 tooth brushes. Just Spring Festival pass away.

This time the order is bigger and reach to 290,000 pcs, green, 

blue and white all needs.


The white ones are perfect made on last order, they are very satisfied,

 most people like it.

We have done business for several times. The customer regularly 

have order, there have two order this year by now, we guess there 

will be more there times at least in this year.

Contact us for our 3 sided toothbrush, electrical duster, toilet brushes, 

slide n tone, body shaper, manual sweeper, battery container etc

Contact US IF You Have Order in Hand

Contact us if you have order in hand.

with chinese new year coming, order are coming: more 100,000 pcs
manual toothbrushes (green, blue and pure white colors), 2600 sets
opzv 2500ah battery box, 900 sets opzv 490 ah and 6800 sets of
200ah battery jar with cover, 10,000pcs electrical kitchen brushes
are assembling. but employee will be less and less, they all want to
go back hometown

If you have order please contact us asap .No matter battery container,
triple toothbrush, slide n tone, manual sweeper, electrical cleaning

We hope to finish it before chinese new year!

Rotating Electric Duster’s Demands Come Together

Roto electric dusters demands come together


This week, at least 6 trainer from ningbo or HK, consulted electric duster 

with us. We guess maybe one client need to purchase then so many

 trader help source.


Whatever they all have same quantity, same requirements. Pls keep

 touch with us about processing.

The Demands of Slide N Tone and Toothbrushes

The demands of Slide N Tone and Electrical Toothbrush Raised

During this week, the trader who inquiry Slide N Tone or Triple electronic tooth

brushes raised a lot.They are from china or other countries.

Now we are manufacturing for our customer from HK and Genermany. We

have our patent then please if you are making or import body shaper from other factory not

ours you need to confirm if it is dangerous through the chinese custom.

We hope you and we both strong our business.


Sep 2

How to exercise your body with this body shaper? please do as per following poster




OPzS Battery Container Placed

Today our closed customer place another order with us,

 this is two times during this month.

The customer is bigger one in Brazil, they have good fame

 and regularly purchase our OPZS or OPZV Series battery 

container. For OPzV battery box, they alway require ABS FRAME

 materials. The biggest quantity they imported is 3 high container

 of cell box and materials. They need to import one time each

 month from our company.









 Hope the business between the two company will be stronger and stronger.

Good News for OPzS Batteries Container

Just now got a email for our closed customer of battery containers.

Inside they said they had completed their standardization procedure for OPzS series batteries, nowadays they had to purchase battery container for OPzS battery. But this time they will have to work in large ah scale, they want to buy not only for 200ah and upper scale, maybe till 2V3000ah.

This is bigger news for us then we will have a new bigger OPzS container client more. 

Trust them=Trust US 

How About the Economy Market in Your Country?

We know today most of the world are bad for economy situation? Maybe it is good in your market.

We get email for our Korea customer as follows:

Recently, Korean economy is not good, it is very bad situation. So most company

can not launch new items include your company. We think that we have to wait

a little more time till this bad situation is changed to positive one. We will keep in

contact with you and also will restart ourbigger business especially your triple

tooth brushes series again when economy situation is back  to good again.

We wish all situation in the world will be good, you have a better market still.

We can do business bigger than before.

Aug 2

Electrical Go Duster to Japan Finish

Electrical Go Duster to Japan Finish

The order have been placed month ago. 

First we send the sample with purple color , just before mass production, they change the color to coolway 10c. Japan client aways on business then confirm all information some days later.

Now based on their requirements: for handle: gray+white pantone color cool 10c; pack by bubble bag; lot no on the brush head and handle with size 10*12mm, duster head should not bend.

Although the order is not too big, but the customer is careful for every details of power electrical duster